High Resolution Land Cover and Impervious Surface Mapping

For more than two decades, NOAA’s Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP) has been an authoritative source for land cover data and change information within the United States. Such information is a common foundational data set that can be used to address a wide range of management issues, from flooding risk and natural infrastructure resilience to policy evaluation and land use planning. For most of C-CAP's history, those products were 30-meter resolution data best suited for more regional use.

User demand, increased data availability, and the development of more advanced artificial intelligence classification tools have started to make the production of spatially detailed (high resolution) land cover over larger areas possible. We have recently worked with a few NSGIC members to demonstrate progress towards our vision of high-resolution (1-meter) land cover data for all coastal states and territories. Achieving this vision may come sooner than thought.

Please join us to learn about our near-term plans to stand up a suite of such high resolution land cover products, discuss how that data could be used, and learn how your state might be able to take advantage of our investment (in coastal areas and beyond).

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