The Operational Reality of Statewide Data Ambitions: An Exploration of Three Models

A core activity of all State GIS Offices is to facilitate collections of geospatial datasets through the cooperation of government and non-government partners. These collections and transformations into statewide datasets have been occurring for more than 30 years, but in spite of many advances in technology, data standards, and sources of data, they remain stubbornly challenging. This presentation will describe three underlying models - centralized, decentralized, and federated - that can provide a framework for the relationships between partners, the responsibilities of the GIO, and the flow of the data. Real-world examples will be used to explore the characteristics, benefits, and challenges of each model and to illustrate what makes that model successful in a particular state environment. We will also discuss wildcards - new technologies for creating and managing data flows and the growth of commercial datasets - that challenge the models and serve as disruptors. Come join us for a presentation that is sure to spark some deeper thinking and discussions about the approaches you may be using and perhaps might consider adopting.

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