3D Hydrography Critical Factors Workshop

The USGS 3D Hydrography Program (3DHP) is designed to engage state, regional, local, and Tribal governments, and others, in developing the next generation of National Hydrography Datasets derived from elevation data. This workshop will identify the current challenges states face in integrating hydrography and elevation data and explore the information, standards, technological, financial, and other resources needed to address the challenges ahead. Together, these issues and resources comprise the critical factors facing 3DHP implementation. A draft set of critical factors extracted from the NSGIC EDH for 3DNHD project case studies and interest group presentations, as well as the NSGIC responses to the 3DNTM Call for Action Part 1: 3DHP document, will be reviewed and refined during the workshop. Join us to share your elevation and hydrography data development experiences and to help shape the emerging USGS 3D Hydrography Program.

Course Details