The 3D National Topography Model and 3D Hydrography Program - The Next Generation of National Hydrography Datasets

The USGS is developing a program plan for the 3D National Topography Model (3DNTM) with a focus on the 3D Hydrography Program (3DHP). The 3DNTM is an element of the 3D Nation vision implementation, which calls for the coordination and integration of terrestrial and bathymetric elevation mapping for the nation. The 3DNTM is the next generation of the 3D Elevation Program and National Hydrography Datasets including inland bathymetry, hydrography derived from lidar, and connections to groundwater and engineered hydrologic systems. The 3DNTM will provide critical data for flood forecasting and informing decision making on flood mitigation and response, 3D geologic modeling, and other emerging applications. This presentation will provide an overview of 3DHP plans including scope and timelines for the emerging program.

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