Building the Foundation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) in the State of Michigan

The Michigan Center for Shared Solutions (CSS) serves as the leading source of spatial data for the State of Michigan. To accomplish their mission, they partner with local and state agencies to provide authoritative data to be integrated into the Michigan Geographic Framework (MGF). In the past this integration work was manual and time-consuming, making accomplishing the mission extremely difficult and left no time to create products nor perform analytics. To streamline the integration process, Michigan implemented an automated data supply chain to ingest 40 different data layers from 1,000 contributors. The process includes validating the incoming data, schema mapping, change detection between incoming data and the MGF, integrating only the changes into the MGF and lastly validating the MGF to ensure new issues are not introduced during the process. The automation will allow the CSS staff to focus on creating products rather than updating data. Over the past year the process has been expanded to include NG9-1-1 datasets through the same workflow, so local contributors only need to submit their data to the State once. This presentation will highlight how the state of Michigan implemented their Spatial Data Infrastructure through automated the data supply chain using COTS technology including 1Spatial‚ 1Integrate and 1Data Gateway and Esri‚ ArcGIS Enterprise.

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