Lunch & Learn: Augmenting Lidar & Imagery Collects with Nearmap Point Clouds & Imagery

State agencies are constantly facing scenarios ranging from natural disasters to new developments, to transportation updates and many others that quickly impact the accuracy of existing imagery and 3DEP lidar collects.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to leverage Nearmap imagery and 3D data to enhance and augment existing imagery and lidar collects such as 3DEP by 1) Filling in gap years between collections; 2) Updating 2D and 3D imagery and lidar tiles where changes have occurred; 3) Enhancing 3DEP lidar by colorizing with Nearmap imagery; and 4) Extracting value and conducting analysis such as change detection from imagery and point cloud data - all in support of your next-gen foundational 3D basemap.

Course Details