Taking Spatial Automation to the Next “Level”: How 1Spatial is Implementing its New 3D Capabilities

As technology continues to evolve to support smart cities, digital twins, next generation 911, etc. it has become more apparent that data quality control and cleanup is becoming too daunting a task for manual processes. Adding to the complexity is the support of 3-Dimentional use cases. Just think of the amount of work it is to support 2D next generation 911 dataset. How are organizations going to support 3D use cases within their existing workforce and budgets?

At 1Spatial, we are looking into the future and have built out 3D capabilities within our automated rules-engine 1Integrate to support the automation of generating true volumetric 3D geospatial datasets from traditional 2D data and the ability to validate and integrate 3D datasets.

The presentation during the Lunch and Learn will review the differences between 2D, 2.5D and 3D data and how when the time comes, you can automate the process of creating and validating your datasets across all dimensions.

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