Build Strong GIS Teams: Open Source for GIS

During last year's NSGIC Annual Conference, Brendan Collins highlighted how free and open source tools can streamline, speed up and secure GIS applications at the state level. During this year's NSGIC Midyear Meeting and Innovation Summit, he introduced key open source GIS tools for specific GIS applications and focus areas as well as how to access and leverage them. Open source GIS tools are a hidden asset that allow teams of GIS analysts and developers to create and modify applications and software in ways that cater to unique projects, budgets and manpower. They also leave a secure trail that makes transitions within teams seamless, ease project continuity and minimize the burden of having to maintain large and expensive software suites. So what's next?

This year, Brendan will highlight the step by step process of getting your statewide GIS technical teams positioned to take advantage of free and open source GIS tools. Exemplary case studies of successful use of open source GIS tools at the state level. This talk is for GIOs and high-level state officials who are in charge of GIS strategy and goals; GIS analysts and developers with an innovative and multidisciplinary mindset; and companies interested in supporting government GIS efforts and initiatives. Join Brendan and like-minded state GIS leaders who are looking ahead and exploring innovative ways to support their GIS teams to do their best work with free and open source GIS tools.

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