North Carolina’s Next Generation 9-1-1 Deployment: The GIS Process

The summer of 2021 will mark two years since the state of North Carolina first kicked off an active engagement program with PSAP and GIS professionals to deploy Next Generation 9-1-1 statewide. Since that time, more than 60 of the state’s 115 primary PSAPs have achieved i3 readiness, moving them one step closer to NG9-1-1 and more reliable call routing, utilizing critical GIS data layers. 

This presentation will outline the process followed to get where they are today and where they are headed, highlighting how different local governments have handled the migration to NG9-1-1. From rural to urban agencies there are commonalities, but also differences in how they prepare their GIS data. It is important to understand these differences especially when they often need to work together to align boundaries and other adjoining data such as street centerlines and address points. Similarly, state border alignment has been a critical component of the project. Lastly, the program prioritizes that the data generated be utilized for other statewide efforts.

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