And Now for a Completely Different GIS Program…and Then One We Are More Familiar With

This talk explores how the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) uses a specialized piece of GIS
software for subsurface mapping and how they convert and disseminate that visualization for public
consumption. GeoVisionary, a British Geological Survey developed software, specializes in 3D GIS
mapping and visualization. The ISGS loads basemap, geologic, subsurface well, and geophysical data
into GeoVisionary for a given county in preparation for geologic interpretation. These data are then
utilized to create the various subsurface layers required for modeling. The outcomes of the models are
used by city and county planners as well as engineers to evaluate water resources and make zoning
recommendations. As GeoVisionary is a desktop based program, a conversion of the 3D models for web
dissemination is needed for the public to access and interact with the model. The ISGS uses ArcGIS
Server to publish the geological surfaces and graphing library to create a user driven virtual cross-section
on the fly for users to explore the model.

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