Improving Emergency Response with Innovative Geospatial Technology

2020 marks Michael Baker International’s 80th Anniversary and robust adoption of geospatial
technology has been key to some of our most iconic projects. This presentation will focus on two
practices in Michael Baker International that are rapidly advancing emergency response – Unmanned
Aircraft Systems (UAS) Solutions and NG9-1-1. Emergency preparedness and response has already
benefited from the unique capabilities of UAS. An introduction to the NASPO UAS contract will provide
NSGIC participants a mechanism for simplified and cost-effective UAS procurement. The DATAMARK
team of Michael Baker International is continuing to expand the capabilities of it’s VEP platform to
support NG9-1-1 and the role of the GIS professional in achieving NG9-1-1 success. The SaaS
architecture of VEP has proven to be critical for maintaining business continuity during the global
pandemic and a case study will be provided.

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