HxGN Content Program imagery enables nationwide AI feature extraction

The HxGN Content Program provides State Governments with access to aerial data products under a licensed price model. A new initiative enables GIOs to invest in Hexagon’s content ecosystem to purchase data above the standard specifications. Randy Mayden, Business Development Manager at Hexagon, will present how states benefit from these new licensing and buy-up offerings to obtain higher resolution data and frequent updates over urban areas. He will also offer insights on how new sensor technology will advance data collection in 2021.

Texas is an example of a state-wide collection at 15 cm resolution. Richard Wade, Deputy Executive Administrator, Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) and Texas State Geographic Information Officer (GIO) will share his reasons for collaborating with Hexagon and how the data and licensed price models meet Texas’ needs.
This presentation will also look at the latest developments in AI and data analytics. The exceptional data consistency over large areas makes the HxGN Content Program an ideal data set for machine learning algorithms and its flexible data use terms allow the creation of derived products. Hexagon’s data analytics partner, Ecopia, has made significant advances in producing nation-wide 3D land cover and derivative products. Bill Singleton, VP of Sales at Ecopia, will provide insights and samples of the data stack available based on HxGN Content Program data.

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