Fresh PIE: New Mexico’s Piping Hot “Property Information Exchange”

The mission of the Property Tax Division (PTD) of the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department is to support the operations of the County Assessor offices in the state’s 33 counties. The Division contains three bureaus: Appraisal Bureau, State (centrally) Assessed Property Bureau, and the Delinquent Property Tax Bureau. PTD has been primarily a manual, paper, spreadsheet driven operation since its inception. The goal of the PTD Business Modernization Project is to move the operation of Division’s three Bureau’s to a business system that leverages a relational and geospatial database as the core of the enterprise. At nearly 50% complete, the first module went into production July 1, 2020. The first phase has been to develop and deploy case management systems for each of the three Bureaus. These systems automate the management, tracking, and processing of statewide property and asset protest cases and delinquent property transactions. This represents a full-scale automation of a number of Division's business processes. In addition, when complete, the project will have automated auctions of delinquent properties, the performance assessments of assessor operations, and electronic filing for State assessed taxpayers. All modules within the Division utilize the Property Information Exchange (PIE), a statewide real property geodatabase composed of GIS parcel data and assessor appraisal system data.

Presented by Larry Brotman, GIS Coordinator, New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department

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