Is Your Data Playing Catch Up with Technology?

As geospatial technology advances to capabilities beyond our comprehension, we find ourselves often incapable of leveraging these tools because the quality of our data does not meet the level required by the toolsets. Even if we can use the tools, we may find that the results do not accurately depict reality. This is exacerbated in times of crisis. At 1Spatial Inc., we work with state organizations on implementing data management technology to support data governance including supporting data quality and integration projects. By building proper governance around the core datasets such as address points, parcels, building footprints, facility interior spaces, utilities, road centerlines, boundaries, etc., organizations are better positioned to leverage new applications as they come to market, empowering them to respond quickly and efficiently in times of crisis. During this session we will discuss some of the latest projects including building a spatial data infrastructure at the state of Michigan and performing transportation asset management systems validation at Caltrans.

Presented by Sheila Steffenson, CEO, 1Spatial

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