Promoting Value to a Lay Audience: Metrics, Outcomes, and Storytelling

More and more non-GIS professionals, including senior state managers, are aware of GIS capabilities. When they want to learn more, in Massachusetts one resource they visit is the MassGIS website. Until recently, that website catered primarily to GIS professionals. So, to better meet the needs of visitors who are not GIS professionals, it became clear that the MassGIS website needed to cater to a broader audience. MassGIS decided that rather than content on “What is GIS?”, it would be best to explain GIS by showing information about who relies on MassGIS and how, to provide examples of GIS in action, and to tell stories of outcomes based on resources available through MassGIS. The focus is explaining the power of GIS while also providing a way to tout MassGIS' value to the commonwealth. This session will show how MassGIS is using metrics, outcome stories, and project description to explain what they do and what is their value.

Presented by Neil MacGaffey, Director, MassGIS

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