High Resolution Land Cover Through Partnership

For more than two decades, NOAA's Office for Coastal Management has been producing consistent, accurate land cover and change information through its Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP). Past data has been used to support a wide range of management applications, from flooding risk and natural infrastructure assessment to policy evaluation and land use planning, but has been limited in the scale at which it could be applied due to its resolution (30-meter). Recent efforts have been focused on producing a more detailed version (1-meter resolution) of these standard products that could be used to support a wider range of applications, at a more local level. But such products can be expensive. That's why NOAA is cultivating state, local, and federal partnerships to cost share their development. This would allow each partner to obtain the data at a greatly reduced cost, ensure accuracy/consistency in production, and sets up a common system for future updates. If achieved, it would be the basis for a new national land cover standard. In addition, access to even more detailed data is offered - such as the mapping discussed by Ecopia - that would further expand the applications that can be supported, all within one common framework. This presentation will focus on sharing lessons learned, products that have been produced to date, NOAA’s vision moving forward, and how states might be able to benefit from this work.


  • Nate Herold, Physical Scientist & Coastal Change Analysis Program Manager, NOAA
  • Brandon Palin, Director, Public Sector & International Development, Ecopia

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