3DEP for the Nation: Countdown to 2023

The goal of the national 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) is to acquire nationwide lidar (IfSAR in AK) by 2023. The NSGIC/USGS 3DEP for the Nation cooperative agreement supports this effort by working directly with states to plan for and implement 3DEP acquisition. What is the status of your statewide 3DEP acquisition? What are the challenges to completing statewide 3DEP coverage? What resources are available to meet those challenges? This session is a call for all states to participate and to outline an end-game national 3DEP coverage.


  • Molly Schar, Executive Director, NSGIC
  • Karen Rogers, Enterprise GIS & Data Visualization Coordinator, State of Wyoming
  • Frank Winters, GIO, State of New York
  • Vicki Lukas, Chief, Topographic Data Services, USGS National Geospatial Program 

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