The USGS 3D National Terrain Model

The United States Geological Survey and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency are working towards a goal to provide a continuous topographic and bathymetric elevation foundation to support mapping needs for commerce, agriculture, land and sea navigation, resource management, water quality and quantity, hazards mitigation and response, and many other applications. To implement the terrestrial component of the 3D Nation vision, the USGS is taking steps towards building the 3D National Terrain Model (3DNTM), a continuous integrated elevation and hydrography surface. The 3DNTM is the next generation of the 3D Elevation Program and National Hydrography Datasets, and includes inland bathymetry, hydrography derived from lidar, and connections to groundwater and engineered hydrologic systems. The model will be useful to federal, state, and local agencies to improve hydrologic and hydraulic networks and inform decision making on flood prediction and response.

Presented by Kevin T. Gallagher, Associate Director, USGS Core Science Systems

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