Unlocking New Insights into Cities with 2D Aerial Data and 3D Digital Twins

Digital twins transform the way we make decisions in the physical world as they provide an immersive and interactive representation of reality. They bring deeper insights into how government stakeholders can plan, build, and manage their cities to be smarter and more sustainable while delivering better services to the community. However, digital twin data sets have been limited by traditional acquisition methods to more focused project areas and specialized stakeholders. Hexagon’s Metro HD city data makes the digital twin reality easily accessible to many interested parties and over larger spatial extents via the hybrid Leica CityMapper-2 aerial sensor.

In this webinar, discover how state and local governments can leverage Hexagon's high-quality 2D aerial data products and metric quality 3D digital twins through a flexible licensing model to support more insightful, data-driven decision-making.


  • Hexagon’s HxGN Content Program, the largest library of nationwide, high-resolution aerial imagery and elevation data.
  • New high-resolution data options for cities through the Content+ offering, including 2-inch resolution imagery, obliques, LiDAR point clouds, 3D building models, land-use maps, and more!
  • Latest tech innovations that bring new possibilities to your statewide imagery program.


Trevis Gigliotti - Director, Technical Content Solutions, Hexagon

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