NSGIC conferences benefit from the experience, expertise, discoveries, perspectives, and vision of NSGIC members and partners. Conference presenters don’t “drop in” for a session, but participate fully in the conference to ensure continued dialogue on their topics.

As we plan for a successful hybrid event, we have tailored live plenary presentation types for this new conference model. Live presentations may be made in person or via video technology.

Flash - 15 minutes, all Q&A based in chat during the presentation; one or two people presenting with an additional person active in chat to facilitate Q&A and respond to simple questions in real time

Standard - 30 minute presentation with 15 additional minutes for Q&A; individual presentations or panel with an additional person active in chat to facilitate Q&A and respond to simple questions in real time

Extended - 45 minute presentation with 10 additional minutes for Q&A; panel encouraged, but individual presentations allowable, with an additional person active in chat to facilitate Q&A and respond to simple questions in real time

In addition to live sessions, the conference will also feature On-Demand presentations. These presentations are more flexible in terms of time, with lengths between 10 and 60 minutes.

Please note that in your abstract submission, you must note your preferred presentation type, but the Conference Committee may elect an alternate type depending on the needs of agenda and content relevance. You will be provided with your presentation type upon confirmation of acceptance.

After debuting as part of the NSGIC 2021 Annual Conference, all presentation recordings will be available for future access on the NSGIC Learning Link.

Abstract Requirements

We are no longer accepting abstracts.

To submit an abstract, you will be required to complete a short form along with your written abstract and send in a three- to five-minute video abstract. All steps must be completed for an abstract to be considered fully submitted.

Abstracts will be evaluated by the NSGIC Conference Committee using the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the NSGIC audience of state Geospatial Information Officers (and equivalents), agency GIS coordinators, local and other public sector GIS specialists; federal partners; tribal representatives; and private sector collaborators.
  • Quality of content indicated by abstract
  • Significance with relevant content presented concisely and coherently
  • Originality to include new perspectives, approaches, or evidence
  • Advancement of state GIS policy, technology, service, or system
  • Oral presentation and delivery skills indicated by video abstract

Presenters will additionally be asked to comment on:

  • What is your plan for audience engagement? This might include utilizing the chat function, facilitating Q&A, incorporating survey questions, etc.
  • What is the desired outcome or product? In other words, what do you want the audience to do or take away as a result of your presentation?

Planning for a Successful Presentation

Moving to a hybrid conference model will require speakers to tailor sessions to the virtual format while incorporating elements of dynamic in-person presentations. Successful presentations will be high-energy and engaging, incorporating video technology on our conference platform. Content should highlight state success stories, inspired collaborations, and thought-provoking ideas and solutions to the challenges faced by today’s state GIS leaders - including COVID-19 initiatives, remote citizen services, and equality efforts, to name a few.

The NSGIC Conference Committee will be providing additional guidance and working with speakers in the coming months to ensure presentations will be successful in the hybrid format.

Sponsor Submissions

Sponsors that elect to use points for on-demand presentations at the Annual Conference can create on-demand videos as part of the overall conference content promoted to attendees. 

During abstract submission, sponsors may also indicate a request to present live during the plenary. The Conference Committee, in its selection of plenary session content, may choose to “elevate” sponsor content for live presentation. 

Sponsors should submit abstracts by the July 6th deadline and the Conference Committee will make selections based on the abstracts. (Abstracts are both a brief written and a brief video submission.) The Conference Committee will then let sponsors know if they were "elevated" to a live session (and the duration) or if they should move forward with preparing an on-demand video.

This would not require the use of any additional sponsorship points. (In other words, sponsors will spend only 40 points regardless of whether their content is selected for live presentation or on-demand.)

In order for a sponsor to submit an abstract to be considered, they must allocate points toward an on-demand session. Additional points can be purchased at $125 per point if needed.

Private sector organizations must contact Amy Holmes (amy.holmes@nsgic.org) to secure attendance, presentation, and other sponsor benefits.